Izik was an absolute rock star of a photographer at our wedding this year. For practically twelve hours from pre-ceremony photos until the final dance, Izik was tireless. He was constantly at the center of action, even steps ahead of it—shooting pictures while running backward ahead of a procession of bagpipers and wedding guests, capturing the swirling action of a wild hora dance from above the fray, catching us indoors and out in rare moments of perfect pre-dusk lighting or in the kinds of spontaneous exchanges of joy that happen at weddings. The results of all Izik’s athletic hard work were perfect. We ended up with seven hundred glowingly beautiful photos from our wedding. All of our family and friends were represented, and there are many dozens of instant classics in the mix. Izik consistently caught my husband and me looking our best and our happiest. Not only the splendid results, but also the way that Izik is able to fit himself into the social atmosphere of the event is part of his gift. He was diligent in his preparations, patiently meeting with us in advance to discuss plans and wishes and learning the names and faces of close family in advance. Our guests were taken with his excellent energy, genial manner and heroic ability to stay in the thick of the action, especially on the dance floor. In short, Izik really got what our wedding was about and captured it gorgeously. It wouldn’t have been the same with anyone else.
— R&D
I got married in June of 2014 after a five-month engagement. My fiancé was temping in another state at the time, so our time to plan the wedding together was limited. Hiring Izik Mishan took a lot of the stress out of the process. He was professional, accommodating, and guided us through every step, listening to our ideas and making really helpful suggestions. Everything was easy, and he never tried to up-sell us on anything.

We picked a venue for the wedding that meant a lot to us emotionally, but was definitely not designed for receptions and photographs. Other friends of ours have gotten married there and warned us that the pictures come out dark due to the small, high windows and strange, blue color of the walls. When we received the photos back, we could not have been more pleased. They made the venue look more beautiful than it actually is, and lighting, clarity, expression, everything was perfect.

I should also mention that there are ten children under the age of twelve in our immediate family. Getting a photo with all of them looking in the same direction is nearly impossible. Izik managed to get several of all of them not only looking, but smiling! He has a great personality, and our guests loved him, felt very comfortable, and posed for excellent pictures!
— Megan & Rory
Izik Mishan was unbelievable at my children’s bar and bat mitzvah. He showed up even before we did. He was professional and absolutely lovely to our guests. Furthermore, he took the most AMAZINGLY pictures!!! We were very pleased with his work. The very next day, I recommended him in a post on Facebook to all of my friends. If I have another event, I would hire him in a heartbeat!!
— Marni
Izik Mishan beautifully photographed my 4 year-old son and my ten month-old daughter. He got multiple great shots of both kids, as well as several family portraits. Both of my children immediately warmed up to him, and he was able to capture their unique personalities vibrantly. I was so excited to use the photos for our holidays cards this year, as well as some gifts. I would not hesitate to recommend him!
— Joie J.
Izik’s love of his craft shows in every step of his process, from setting up, to the final product. I can’t say enough about how lucky we feel to have worked with him.
He understands how to walk softly, and catch subtle moments with candor, while bringing out the best in each member of our large extended family with his friendly, unassuming style.
Everyone had fun working with Izik, and he produced stunning results. His work with each person at each event, from the oldest to the youngest was natural and genuine. He was firm, and gave clear direction, but he also allowed the
relationships and events to form the images he captured.
His ability to walk this balance is what makes Izik the artist that everyone wants.
— Kara T.
I hired Izik Mishan for my son’s BM and I couldn’t be more happier. He really captured all the special moments of that day.
My Temple doesn’t allow photos during the ceremony, so our family arrived earlier and Izik took a lot of pictures, always with enthusiasm and a smile! Same for the pictures taken during the luncheon that followed the Service. The prints came out beautiful and I was able to share them with our guests and family
— Cristiane P.